Teaching Yoga Therapy to Medical Professionals.

Yoga and Our Health

Healthcare is changing. The cost of health care services has caused many people to lose control of their care and to feel that their lifestyle has to be limited because of injury, disease or pain.   People want to regain control of their bodies and their health and to do all of their activities pain free.  Betsy Shandalov is an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Instructor who uses yoga to treat adults and kids with injury and or disability.  Yoga is a healing practice that restores control of our bodies.  Through the practice of integrating our mind and our body, yoga helps

Integrative Medicine, Yoga & our future

Recently, yoga’s Eastern Philosophy has become popular in the Western World. Integrative Medicine is client centered care with the focus of healing the whole person, mind, body and spirit. It educates and empowers people to be active participants in their own care and to take responsibility for their health and wellness. At YOGA OT Betsy encourages a partnership between herself and the client; She supports the individualization of care and creates a culture of wellness. She works with the client to encourage independence in all areas of daily living. Her clients feel that they are healthier and happier,

Kids & Teens, Balance through Yoga

Is your child overwhelmed with activity?  Highly sensitive to our changing environment?  Have trouble sleeping?  Struggling for ways to find calm and balance?  Yoga to the Rescue!!   Kids/teens that do yoga have better confidence, concentration, and do better in school.  They sleep and eat better as they learn what is good for their bodies.  Kids with disability or that need extra structure love yoga because it is fun and predictable but gives them a routine that they feel connected with and can do whether they are at home, school, or with friends.  Yoga kids learn about what their body needs

Therapy to Medical Professionals

As therapists you can expand your critical thinking skills by adding yoga, an ancient treatment philosophy that draws on all of our knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and psychology to maximize client function? “Yoga” has been practiced for thousands of years and literally means the union of body, mind and spirit. For many people around the world, yoga as a practice, has always been an integral part of their lives. Recently, yoga’s eastern philosophy has become very popular in the western world. There are yoga studios in nearly every city and people are raving about

Integrative Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga


Positive Accolades - YogaOT

As inpatient therapists at Duke University Hospital, we are always looking to develop groundbreaking programs using therapeutic modalities to meet our patients’ needs.

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Therapeutic Yoga Courses for Healthcare Professionals

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Establishing Tadasana, and Helping our Posture

In yoga we work on increasing length in our spine and finding space in our chest and ribcage.

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A guided meditation at the end of the day

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Props and Adaptive Yoga

“...props do two things at the same time: [they help with] the extension of body and relaxation of the mind

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StretchAt YogaOT your breath is a tool for self-healing.


Teaching Therapists

Back of Seated LadyBetsy teaches around the country to health care professionals.


FoodFinding calm in our bodies and minds brings overall health and well being.